SDA Music History


Music in the Church Service

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Adventist Hymnody (print-only version)

A Chronology

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 Hymn Singing in the Early Adventist Church and Ellen White


The 1985 SDA Hymnal

The Making of The SDA Hymnal

Wayne Hooper


The New SDA Hymnal

Ottilie Stafford

Hymnal Committee Members

Companion to the SDA Hymnal


Organs and Their Masters in the SDA Church

Warren Becker

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1966 General Conference Session Music

From Battle Creek to Detroit: 150 miles and 103 Years Later


1995 General Conference Session Music

Music at Utrecht


2000 General Conference Session Music

The music at the 2000 General Conference Session in Toronto was chosen to create the festive feel of a truly global multi-cultural spiritual gathering. The reaction to the experience was mixed, with some seeing it as a healthy expression of global and generational diversity and others viewing it as part of an ongoing musical apostasy. Those viewpoints were expressed in the following articles which were published in the Summer/Autumn 2000 and Winter/Spring 2001 issues of Notes, a publication of IAMA.


A Glimpse of Things to Come?

The Music was Wonderful

A Secular flavor

A Global Music Paradox

Choosing the Music for Toronto

Other Music at Toronto

A Personal View: A Reflection in Diversity



Music in SDA Education


What Drives the Commitment?

National Conferences on Music (1940's and 1950's)

Significant 20th Century SDA Music Buildings (also available as PDF)


Seventh-day Adventist Colleges and Universities

Historical Overviews and Related Information

Music at Andrews University

The AU Howard Performing Arts Center Inaugural Concert 2003

Andrews University Honors Paul Hamel

Music at Atlantic Union College

Music at Avondale College

Music at Canadian University College

A Trip to China . . .

Music at Helderberg College

Music at La Sierra University

The LSU Wind Ensemble at the 2004 CIDA Convention

Music at Oakwood University

Music at Pacific Union College

Echoes in the PUC Church

PUC Wind Ensemble Opens 1996 CBDNA Convention

Music at Southern Adventist University

A Russian Odyssey: Journeys of the Heart

Music at Southwestern University

Music at Union College

Union College Celebrates a Legacy of Praise

Music at the University of Montemorelos

Music at Walla Walla University

Walla Walla College Honors Melvin West

 The Walla Walla Symphony and Walla Walla College

Prism Concerts at Walla Walla University . . .

Music at Washington Adventist University

Columbia Union College at Kennedy Center


Music Education in Other Countries


Music at Avondale College (Australia)

Music at the University of Montemorelos (Mexico)

Music at Helderberg College (South Africa)


A 1994 Visit in Russia

A Russian Odyssey: Journeys of the Heart



Music in Brazil

Teaching in Brazil



SDA Music Festivals

SDA Music Festivals Overview and Timeline

A Pioneering Venture

Shenandoah Valley Academy Composers Festival Series


 Music in Evangelism


Early Music Evangelism

Music and The Voice of Prophecy

The King's Heralds

Faith For Today

Music and Your Story Hour



SDA Music Organizations


Adventist Music Society


The SDA Church Musicians Guild


International Adventist Musicians Association

Twenty Years of IAMA Publications

IAMA Celebrates 25 Years!




Independent Music Ensembles


The Ambassadors

The Heralds

The Oregon Adventist Men's Chorus

The Heritage Singers

The Liberty Singers

The London Adventist Chorale

The New England Youth Ensemble

The Wedgwood Trio (Wedgwood)