The Seventh-day Adventist Music Organization of Norway, SAMNOR, was founded in 1998 by Eivind and Bjørn Keyn, with Eivind serving as chair of an assisting board of seven until his death in 2006. At that time, Bjørn assumed leadership with Eivind’s daughter Elbjørg Lundström assisting as vice-chair. Most of its members are church members who are interested in or working with music. It publishes a magazine with articles from Norway and abroad and arranges music programs, "hymn praise" worships and workshops, in Norwegian churches. One of its major ventures was a heavily advertised "Millennium Concert" held in the Cathedral of Oslo, a Lutheran State Church, in 2000.

The concert both celebrated the passing of a millennium and Oslo’s 1000th anniversary. They were assisted in this concert by the Swedish Adventist music group, SAMS, SDA Music in Sweden, which is co-chaired by Elbjørg Lundström, director of music at the Swedish SDA Junior College, Ekebyholm, and Cecilia Blomstedt, daughter of Herbert Blomstedt. More than 600 attended this Sunday afternoon concert which involved more than 200 participants, including an orchestra, four choirs, and soloists.

The two organizations have also worked together in presenting Summer Music Camps at Ekebyholm. These festivals are held almost every summer. One summer the camp was held in Norway at the Norwegian Junior College at Tyrifjord. The camps typically last for one week and include musicians of all ages. Activities include master classes, music making, and preparing for private and public concerts at the end of the week. These camps have been very popular, and have nurtured young musicians who have eventually become professional musicians and music educators.