99 NEW SONGs is a collection of music about uniquely Seventh-day Adventist subjects; creation in six days, Sabbath, Jesus' second advent, communion and foot-Washing, health, the judgment and the sanctuary, resurrection from a sleeplike state, our relationship to God's Word, as well as combinations of the above topics.

You will not find the typical, "generic Christian, God loves me, I love/praise God, thank you for your gift of salvation" lyrics in this music, even though Adventists love God and thank Him for His incomparable gift every day. The reason for excluding "generic Christian lyrics" is that there are already abundant, easily available sources for music on those subjects. Finding an easily sinqable setting of Remember the Sabbath, a musical description of Jesus' Second Advent, or a song like Asleep in Jesus was much more difficult. With 99 NEW SONGs, it just became a little easier.

It was discovered that music was being written, usually sung once, or used routinely in local churches; but was not being shared. 99 NEW SONGs was created specifically to help share this music with other congregations, other musicians, and other choirs.

Observations by the compiler and editor, Evelyn Pursley Kopitzke

Features . . .

+ Music by 25 Seventh-day Adventist composers & songwriters

+ All original music and/or texts, over 40 choruses, contemporary songs and unison hymns, 14 SATB hymns, 16 solo or small ensemble songs, 23 choral anthems, introits and other choral music.

+ Over 100 pages of choral music, 30 sheet music-type pieces (unabridged) in 77 pages. one piano piece (tone poem on Jesus' Sabbath day in the temple.)

+ Biographical and commissioning information on each composer and songwriter.

+ Large print font, readable text, easy page turns for accompanists

+ Wire bound, lay-flat book, with stay-clean, clear Vinyl front and back overlay on softbound covers.

+ Indexed by subject, title, Scripture references and composer/authors

Additional Information: www.99newsongs.com


Evelyn Kopitzke, 99 NEW SONGs, 2469 Summer Hills Drive, Blountville, TN 37617

Phone: 423-323-5462