Date (Sample/Church Sabbath Morning Concert)


______________, Title


Street Address

City, State, Zip

Dear ______________:

The following information will serve as confirmation and hopefully facilitate completion of arrangements needed as the ___________ visits your church on _________.

- We will need 60 chairs for set-up and a suitable public address system. It will be necessary for us to set up either prior to Sabbath School, or during lesson study and between Sabbath School and Church. Time needed for this arrangement will be about a half-hour. We will be pleased to accommodate you in your wish on this detail.

- The program is self-contained. An introduction of the group as well as a benediction will be needed.

- We will plan on Sabbath dinner for 1:30. There will be 60 individuals present for this meal.

We appreciate your willingness to host us as a group and are concerned that our program be of maximum benefit to you and your congregation. Any suggestions that you may have which would increase our effectiveness in meeting this need would be appreciated. Please call if there are additional questions that I may answer.

Best wishes.



____Your Name____, Title


XC: pastor, if a another person made the arrangements