Tour Publicity


The following Publicity Materials should be considered as you plan for a tour with your group:


Announcements/Copy for the Church Bulletin

Four weeks before the concert a form letter should be sent to the pastor(s) in the area. (This letter should be sent only to the pastor at the host church if the concert is during the Sabbath worship service) The letter should include three short announcements, one for each of the two weeks preceding the concert and one for the weekend of the concert. They should each be different and to the point (click here for sample). Bulletin announcements and posters are probably the most effective form of publicity you can provide to your hosts.


Bulletin Inserts

This can take the form of a miniature poster or simply be a half sheet of paper with an attractive graphic and a listing of concert highlights.



Posters should be to the point and have eye-catching graphics and copy that can be seen easily from a distance. Avoid putting much more on the poster other than what, where, and when. The most eye-catching combination of colors is bright yellow paper (ultra lemon) with vibrant blue lettering. Although standard sized paper (8 1/2 X 11) can be effective, ledger size paper (twice as large) is better and can be run through a copier.


Press Releases

 Five weeks before the concert, an announcement or article should be sent to the journal of the union conference of Seventh-day Adventists in which the school is located with a request that it be released in the issue nearest the concert.

Written copy should be easily understood and to the point. It should

be done on standard size paper, with double or triple spacing and

wide margins and in a clean font, as in this paragraph. The first page

of the release should begin about one third of the way down the

page so that there is room at the top for editors or broadcasters to

make notations as to headlines, size of type, timings, etc. Print

publications might also appreciate copy being submitted on a disc,

along with hard copy.

If pictures are submitted they should be preferably vertical and be sharp and glossy, with maximum contrast. They should be fully identified, with notations on an accompanying sheet or on an attached post-it. At no time should pictures and/or releases of more than one page be attached with staples or paper clips. Each separate release with accompanying pictures should be submitted to the appropriate news agency in a separate envelope.