Date (Sample/School/Church Secular Evening Program)


______________, Title


Street Address

City, State, Zip

Dear ______________:

The following information will serve as confirmation and hopefully facilitate completion of arrangements needed to host the _______ as we visit your campus/church on ______.

- We are planning on arriving at 5 with supper at 5:30. Sixty individuals will be present for this meal.

- The program is self-contained but will need an introduction.

- We will need 60 chairs for the set-up and a suitable public address system.

Publicity materials will be distributed to all Adventist churches within a 50-mile radius of your school/church. Similar materials will be forwarded to you.

A housing list is included which lists the group's members by pairs. These pairs can be broken if needed as you plan for housing. A copy of our itinerary is enclosed with specific markings relative to our stop at you campus/church.

Any offerings or donations taken can be utilized either by our music department or by you. Although such offerings would be appreciated on our part, they are neither a necessity nor are they expected. We want our visit to your campus/church to be a positive experience for you and your students/congregation. Any suggestions or ideas you may have are solicited and would be appreciated.

Continued success to you as you lead out at _________. We look forward to visiting with you and your students/congregation!



____Your Name____, Title

xc: (Principal/music teacher/church pastor, depending on who the contact person is)