The International Adventist Musicians Association

IAMA provides a forum for dialogue about issues in music related to the Seventh-day Adventist church. It is also committed to fostering a greater awareness of what Adventists are doing in all types of music endeavors and does this through a quarterly magazine, Notes, its website, and a hotline.

The idea for IAMA was presented in the fall of 1981 at a meeting of SDA college music department chairman in Dallas, Texas. They endorsed the idea and established themselves as a consulting group and steering committee. A constitution was written, General Conference endorsement was obtained, potential members were contacted, and, In the fall of 1982, an action was taken to establish IAMA.

The first election of officers occurred in the spring of 1984. IAMA was subsequently incorporated and is now a registered nonprofit organization with the Internal Revenue Service. Although it was originally planned to limit membership to professional musicians, the membership voted during its first year to open membership to all who were interested in Adventist music. IAMA now includes members in nineteen countries.

Membership in IAMA includes a subscription to Notes, a professionally produced quarterly magazine. Additionally, timely listings of available music positions in Adventist colleges and churches are sent to its members with regular mailings, or immediately on the IAMA Hotline if the member provides an e-mail address. Additional services include a website,, and an IAMA Hotline for breaking news and job vacancies.

Officers are elected to two-year terms and an annual Meeting is held each year in November. A copy of the constitution is available: IAMA Constitution Copy


Annual dues are $25. This includes a subscription to the quarterly magazine Notes (published in 2 volumes: Summer/Autumn, Winter /Spring), and listings of job vacancies as they occur.

You may join by completing an application and forwarding one year’s dues

to: IAMA Box 476 College Place, WA 99324