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1. The IAMA Journal Spring 1985

In Memoriam: Vera Schwarz

Reflections on Bach’s "Goldberg Variations"

Style and Form in Henry Purcell’s Odes "Come Ye Sons of Art"

and "Hail Bright Cecilia"

The New SDA Hymnal

Goodbye LPs: First Impressions of Compact Discs

Handel’s Messiah

The Movie "Amadeus," Not Mostly Mozart

China - Open Doors and Back Doors


 2. Newsletters 1985 (N/A)*

The Adventist Musician and Sabbath Performances: One Perspective (3 pages)

Bigger is Not Necessarily Better (band size) (2)

Adventist College Band Directors and Their Bands (1984-85, chart of information) (5)

SDA College All-star Band (1)

The New Rieger Organ at Union College (3)

Southern College - Pipe Dream Comes True (4)

The New Rieger Organ at Pacific Union College (2)

Choralography (3)

Three Enemies of Choral Singers and the AVCA (2)


3. Newsletters 1986

Organ Dedications at Southern College

Herbert Blomstedt

Making Music with Herbert Blomstedt

A Conversation with Herbert Blomstedt

Rhonda Larson (flutist)

An Interview with Maurita Phillips-Thornburgh


4. Newsletters 1987 (N/A)*

On the Road (AU band tours Europe) (5)

Dealing with Disaster (the aftermath of a fire in an academy music department) (9)

Upper Columbia Academy: A Successful Program at a Glance ((3)

Performance Anxiety (5)

Fundraising (justifying large music fund raising projects versus mission needs) (4)

Thayer Conservatory Orchestra/Toshima Francis Wada (6)

Sontraud Speidel Interview (5)

Beverly Wesner Hoehn (harpist) (2)

Our Colleague, Our Friend (Hans-Jorgen Holman)

Hans-Jorgen Holman obituary/Eulogy/Tributes (7)

Sabbath Reflections upon Reading Rabbi Taylor (6)


5. Newsletters 1988 (N/A)

Handbell Ringing (6)

A Tribute to a Trustee (Elsie Buck) (4)

Sunnyside Organ Dedication (Portland, Oregon SDA church) (4)

Leroy Peterson (1)

A Survey of Orchestra and String Programs in SDA Schools (5)

Making Adventists into Professional Artists (3)

Performance Education in Adventist Colleges and Universities (4)

Sabbath Work/Performance Education: Not Enough Exceptions (2)

I Believe in Adventist Colleges, but . . . (4)

Merging Music Departments (2)

An Interview with Clif Simpson (4)

Music as Spiritual Magic - Examining Our Biases (3)


6. Journal 1989 (N/A)

My Music Career (Ruth Bergstrom Jones) (2)

Music Composition in the Elementary School (7)

The Christian Instrumental Directors’ Association (2)

A Tribute to Warren Becker (3)

The Artist Interprets (3)

Influences on the Process of Musical Interpretation (3)

Issues to Consider in the Performance of the 18th-Century and Early 19 th Century Keyboard Music (6)

Lessons from Old Winds and Other Kinds (4)

An Interview with Operatic Soprano Faith Esham (6)

Drei Lieder, Opus 25(Webern), As an Expression of Traditional Lieder (9)

Survey of SDA Secondary School Music: A Summary of Findings (2)

Choosing Music in a Christian College (5)


7. Journal 1991

A Parable (value of music education)

The Collegedale Caroliers Tour the Northwest and Canada

Trends in Today’s Music Education: SDA Music Education at the Crossroads

Is Competition the Answer?

Shenandoah Valley Academy Music Groups Tour in Norway

Opportunities For Pianists

1990 Chamber Music Festival

Suzuki in the Grade One Classroom

Toward a Renaissance

A Tribute to Clarence William Dortch

SDA School Choirs: the Transformation Experience

A School of Music in Adventist Higher Education

"We were Awesome!" Reflections on Affirmation and Hype


8. Notes Autumn 1992 (N/A)

Elsie Landon Buck: IAMA’s New President (1)

Home in San Francisco - Living Around the World (John DeHaan, tenor) (3)

The Orion Chorale (2)


9. Notes Winter 1993

Alex Klein: Oboist Extraordinaire

Marlise Botelho Klein

Competitions . . . and the Sabbath

Trends in Music Education

Living Issues in Early American Psalmody


10. Notes Autumn 1993

Music Tours: The Ongoing Adventure

Philip Hayden: Westminster Choir College Alumnus of Note

Music in the Bible

Christian Music: Sacred or Secular

Planning an Overseas Trip

Concert Tour of Israel and Egypt


11. Notes Winter 1994__(N/A)

Blythe Owen . . . Grande Dame of Adventist Music (4)

Music in Our Society (2)

A Celebration of Thanksgiving (1)


12. Notes Summer 1994

Special 10th Anniversary Issue on Sabbath and the Adventist Musician

The Sabbath and Music Performance . . . Some Personal Observations

Herbert Blomstedt and the Sabbath

The Adventist Musician and Sabbath Performances: One Perspective

Sabbath Work

Slightly Left of Center

The Sabbath: A Witness for God . . . 1985

The Sabbath: A Witness for God . . . 1995

The Gifts of Talent and the Sabbath

Making a Joyful Noise on the Sabbath: When Noisemaking is Work


13. Notes Autumn 1994

Greetings from Moscow!

Are Music Choices Really Important?

The Carols and Hymns of Christmas

Something to Sing About (Roy Drusky Life)

Patrzac Na Jezusa Collegedale Academy Vocal Ensemble Visits Poland


14. Notes Winter 1995

Sontraud Speidel . . . World Class Artist & Master Teacher

Music in the Home

Russia Awakens

Choral Beginnings at Zaoski Seminary

Sob Versus Scream . . . How Natural Reflexes affect Singing


15. Notes Spring/Summer 1995 (N/A)

Special Focus Issue on Music in Worship (All related articles/20 pages)

Music in Worship (1)

Church Music in Turmoil . . . Searching for Solutions (3)

Worship: A Personal View (4)

Worship Music at Celebration Center (4)

Contemporary Christian Music and Worship (9)


16. Notes Autumn 1995

Music at Utrecht

Andrews University Honors Paul Hamel

God’s Gift to Handel and Mankind . . . The Messiah

Music that Worships, People that Worship, People that Worship Music,

Music that Peoples Worship

Ten Commandments for Choosing Worship Music

Praise Him with Timbrel and Dance?

A Suitable Music for Worship


17. Notes (Newsletter Edition) Winter 1996

Atlantic Union College and Andrews University Discuss Merger

Adventist University of America?


18. Notes Spring 1996

Adventist Music Education . . . What Drives the Commitment?

Historical Perspectives on Change in Worship Music

Music and the Gospel

Two Trumpet Traps


19. Notes (Newsletter Edition) Summer 1996

Walla Walla College Honors Melvin West


20. Notes Autumn 1996

True to Her Convictions (Janice Chandler story)

River Plate University Ogden School of Music

The XIII International Frederick Chopin Piano Competition

Music and the Child

(Andrews) University Singers Tour Scandinavia

Music at Upper Columbia Academy

The Music of Peter Mathews


21. Notes (Newsletter Edition) Winter 1997

Casavant Builds an Organ for Canadian Union College

Wendy Markosky



22. Notes Spring 1997

The London Adventist Chorale - Fifteen Years of Excellence!

Pacific Union College Wind Ensemble Presents Opening Concert at CBDNA Convention

Shenandoah Valley Academy Composer Series Celebrates 12th Season

Shenandoah Valley Academy Band . . . and a Trip to Spain

Music at Maxwell Adventist Academy

OrganVision: Odyssey of a Nonfundraiser

Music is a Language

Form Follows Function: Teenagers’ Perceptions of Church Music

Retirement Biography: Patricia Silver


23. Notes (Newsletter Edition) Summer 1997

Union College Celebrates a Legacy of Praise

Paul Hill Receives Columbia Union College Medallion of Excellence


24. Notes Autumn 1997

A Russian Odyssey: Journeys of the Heart

Adventist Elementary School Handbell Choir Featured at National Convention

Handbell Ringing

A Trip to Chile

Music is a Language (continued)

The War Department

Worship Style and Culture


25. Notes (Newsletter Edition) Winter 1998

Orland and Joan Ogden Honored by Two Universities

The Adventist Alumni Achievement Award


26. Notes Spring 1998

Standing with the Giants (Blomstedt)

Crossways (Alternative Worship at Pacific Union College)

Alternative Worship Services at Other SDA Schools

The Controversial Angel (Dwight Nelson on Contemporary Music in Worship)

Science or Sensation (voice instruction, part 1)

A Personal View ( A personal reaction to the ongoing discussion of contemporary music in worship)


27. Notes Summer/Autumn 1998

Adventist Music in Brazil

Teaching in Brazil

Two Brazilian Musicians

Music in Brazil - Treasured Memories

Bom dia Brazil!

Musical Chairs

Science or Sensation (voice instruction, part 2)

Retirement Biography: Don Vaughn


28. Notes Spring/Summer 1999

Blythe Owen: A Century of Achievement!

The Sparrows

Norman J. Roy: Obituary and Tributes

Endnotes: Music as an Ecumenical Force

Teaching World Music

A Personal View (A suggested worship service order)

Retirement Biography: Marvin Robertson


29. Notes Autumn 1999

Cornel Pana . . . Panpipe Virtuoso

We Plan but God Decides (UC band tours Korea)

Robert Walters: Obituary and Tribute

Seven Years of Plenty (tribute for RW by son RW Jr.)

Robert Walters, Jr.

In His Presence

Brass Mouthpiece Pressure

A Personal View (Appropriate worship music and world cultures)


30. Notes Winter 2000

Special Issue on Faith Ablaze (AU) and Hymns in the SDA Church

An Extraordinary and Inspiring Experience

Twenty Centuries of Living Hymns

Ten Thousand Watts and More: The Power of Isaac Watts

Seventh-day Adventist Hymnody, A Chronology

The New SDA Hymnal

Church Hymnal Update

Companion to the SDA Hymnal/ Watts and Crosby biographies

Blythe Owen: 1898-2000 A Tribute

Obituary: Paul Hill


31. Notes Spring 2000

Music at Montemorelos

The whole world in his hands . . . (Sam Johnson, SDA cello prodigy)

Ascend the Mountain: A Walk with Dr. King (James Lee III, SDA composer)

And in the New Millennium . . . (New retirement plan for SDA workers)


32. Notes Summer/Autumn 2000

Music at Toronto (2000 General Conference Session)

The Music was Wonderful

A Secular Flavor

A Global Music Paradox

Choosing the Music for Toronto

Other Music at Toronto: Global Mission Stage/Adventist Book Center Stage/Bassett Theatre

The Ambassadors (Story of internationally famous vocal octet originally from Nigeria)

Retirement Biographies: Orlo Gilbert,Carlyle Manous, Dan Shultz


33. Notes Winter/Spring 2001

Ring of Fire

An Inaugural Whirlwind

Adventist Musicians of the 20th C. (Biographies of John J. Hafner, John T. Hamilton, and George Wargo)

The Lily Diehl Music Studio

A Personal View (Mervyn Joseph)

IAMA Web Site

Samnor (the SDA Music Organization of Norway)


34. Notes Summer/Autumn 2001

The Band Marches In (September 11)

Songs Help Soothe New Yorkers (September 11)

Music at Oakwood College (historical overview of music at OC)

Andrews University Singers . . . . On a Mission to Zimbabwe

CUC Band Travels to Europe

Retirement Biographies: Adell Haughy Claypool, James Hanson, James Kempster, James McGee, Glenn Spring


35. Notes Winter/Spring 2002

New Performing Arts Center at Andrews University

Significant 20th Century SDA Music Buildings

A Building Named . . . (short biographies of musicians for whom some of these buildings were named:Noah Paulin, Carl Engel, Harold Miller, Paul Hamel, Melvin West, Mabel Wood

Music at Andrews University (historical overview of music at AU)

Is Competition the Answer? (experiences of 4 SDA band directors who have competed with their groups from 12 year perspective)

Biographies: Retirement, William Cemer; Wayne H. Hooper biography as he receives second honorary doctorate


36. Notes Summer/Autumn 2003

Careers in Music (A special issue on career possibilites for SDA musicians)

Music Tells the Story Too (music use in Your Story Hour)

Orland Ogden (obitiuary and life story)

Retirement Biographies: Nancy and John Edison and Clarita Burden


37. Notes Winter/Spring 2003

Organs and Their Masters in the SDA Church

Women in SDA Music (Biographies of Edna Sadie Farnsworth & Grace Wood McNabb Reith)

Music at Atlantic Union College (historical overview of music at AUC)

How About a Steel Drum Band

Personal Notes: Del Delker, Charles J. Hall, Juanita McElwain, Randy Stickney. Obituary: Olivia Harder


38. Notes Summer/Autumn 2003

Columbia Union College and 100 Years of Music (historical overview of music at CUC)

Columbia Union College at Kennedy Center

Oliver Seth Beltz

Sing Unto the Lord a New Song ( The story behind a new Adventist Songbook).

Mission Impossible? ( A trip to Northern Germany by Organ students and their teacher)

Personal Notes: Rudyard Dennis, John T. Dennison, Lyn Ritz, Kimo Smith, Carla Trynchuk, Minnie Iverson Wood


39. Notes Winter/Spring 2004

A Dream Fulfilled and Promises Kept . . . The opening of Howard Performing Arts Center at Andrews University

Music at Southern Adventist University(historical overview of music at SAU)

The SDA Church Musicians' Guild (The story of the SDACMG 1970-1989)

Dorothy Evans Ackerman

Marvin Robertson

Try a Prism Concert

Personal Notes: Warren Becker, Audley C. Chambers, Ellen Cockerham, Jeffry Lauritzen


40. Notes Summer/Autumn 2004

The LSU Wind Ensemble (The La Sierra University WE is featured at a national convention)

Opus-1 Ensemble Singers and a Trip to Eastern Europe (A vocal group from Collegedale Academy)

The Westside Brass . . . (How a group of brass players came together to make music and to witness)

Music at Union College(historical overview of music at UC)

Melvin S. Hill

Personal Notes: Katrina and Lorin Koch, Jerry Lange, Betty Spalding. Obituaries: Charles Hall, Ruimar DePavia


41. Notes Winter/Spring 2005

Music at the Voice of Prophecy (historical overview)

Meet Me in St. Louis (Preview of music at GC Session)

Twenty Years of IAMA Publications (How IAMA started and the story of its magazines)

Music at Pacific Union College(historical overview of music at PUC)

Echoes in the PUC Church (How music has changed in worship services at PUC in the last 35 years)

LeRoy Peterson (Violin-toting bodybuilder and his role in evangelism in Russia)

Personal Notes: Robb Dennis, Marvin Robertson. Obituaries: C. Warren Becker, Carolyn Rhodes Bisel, Jerry dill, Roy Drusky, Bob Edwards, Norman Krogstad, Bill Shadel


42. Notes Summer/Autumn 2005

Katrina & Bass Memorial Academy (The devastation at BMA caused by Hurricane Katrina)

Adventist University of the Philippines Plans New Music Facility (Fund raising has started for a new music facility at AUP)

Music at La Sierra University (historical overview of music at LSU)

Harold Hannum

News: Atlantic Union College renovates Thayer Conservatory, Canadian University College expands Casavant organ,

Personal Notes: Del and Lois Case, Gennevieve Brown Kibble, Raejin Lee, Bruce and Rosalie Rasmussen.

Obituaries: Margaret (Peggy) Bell, Frank J. Kravig


43. Notes Winter/Spring 2006

SDA Music Festivals (Historical overview of festivals)

A Pioneering Venture (First music festival for elementary and middle school students)

Music at Andrews University (historical overview of music at Battle Creek College and AU)

Paul Hamel

News: Southern Adventist University Chamber Music Weekend; Collegedale Academy Madrigal Singers,

Personal Notes: J. Bruce Ashton, Barbara Favorito, Richard Hickam, Jerry Lange


44. Notes Summer/Autumn 2006

James Lee/National Symphony premiere

Walla Walla Symphony Celebrates 100 years (An overview of the unique relationship that WWS and Walla Wallla College share )

Music at Oakwood College (historical overview of music at Oakwood College)

Mary Inez Booth and Alma Montgomery Blackmon (biographies)

News: Adventist University of the Philippines; Artsitree ministry; Bass Memorial Academy Update; Battle Creek Academy Band; Rocky Mountain Fine Arts Festival; Southern Adventist University Organ Students; United Youth Congress.

Personal Notes: Philip Binkley, Peter Cooper, Norman Crarey, Carlos Flores, Donald Huff, Greg Kapiniak, Sung-Jung Kim, Dean Kravig, Andrew Lay, Lloyd Mallory, Cyril Myers, Jr., Kenneth Narducci, Marvin Robertson, Dan Shultz, Ryan Wells


 45. Notes Winter/Spring 2007

The King's Heralds

An Unutterable Sense of Glory (Ellen White: music in her life and her thoughts about hymn singing in the early SDA church.

Music at Walla Walla College (historical overview of music at Walla Walla College, now Walla Walla University)

Melvin K. West (biography)

Music in Turkey by Eurydice Osterman

News: Gem State Academy Cool Ringings Bells Festival.

Personal Notes: Joanne (Klaasen) Andersson, Joseph Eunkwan Choi, Rudyard (Rudy) Dennis, Bruce Kuist, Will Stuivenga, Jim Teel, Liva Zaigalve


46. Notes Summer/Autumn 2007

The Trumpet Shall Sound . . . (Music at Faith for Today, groundbreaking religious telecast)

Herbert G. Hohensee (Biography)

Stan Schleenbaker (Biography)

Andrews University Wind Symphony Tours in Europe

Music at Southwestern Adventist University, (Historical overview of music at Southwestern Adventist University)

News: Appalachian Praise (SDA religious blue grass group), The Creston Adventist Church Choir (British Columbia, Canada), The Denver First Church NAD Arts Conference, Glendale Adventist Academy Chorale, The Sacramento Adventist Academy Bel Canto Choir

Personal Notes: Debra Bakland (formerly Richter), Elsy Gallardo, Glenn Hawkins, Marvel Jensen, Teona Martiashvili, Dwight Morgan, Matthew Sandvik, Michael Sandvik, Bob Schimp, Karin Thompson, Tim Vandeman,

Obituaries: Dean Friedrich, Carl Wessman


47. Notes Winter/Spring 2008

Andrews University Honors Herbert Blomstedt (Andrews University celebrates Blomstedt's 80th Birthday)

Herbert Blomstedt (Biography)

Music and Spirituality (Excerpts from Blomstedt address at AU)

Standing with the Giants (Blomstedt Article)

The University of Montemorelos Celebrates Thirty Years of Music

Three Decades of Music at the University of Montemorelos (Historical overview of music at the University of Montemorelos)

Music at Avondale College (Australia) (Historical overview of music at Avondale College)

Alan George Thrift (Biography)

News: Adventist Heritage Ministry, Battle Creek Academy's "Band Together Festival," Canadian University College's Tour to China, Chile Adventist University, Georgia-Cumberland Elementary Chorale Festival, Southwestern Adventist University's "A Night at Myerson," North American Adventist College and University Enrollments

Personal Notes: Melissa Anderson, Robert Anderson, Byron K. Graves, Lucy Lewis, Harlen Miller, Natasha Hidebran Perez, Barry Walmsley


48. Notes Summer/Autumn 2008

A Trip to China (Canadian University College participated in concerts which provided a cultural countdown to the XXIX Summer Olympic Games)

Music at Canadian University College (Historical overview of music at CaUC)

Wendolin Pazitka Munroe (Biography)

A Providential Choice (Personal experience by Wendolin Pazitka Munroe)

In Memoriam (Personal experience in establishing a music-related memorial gift by William Ness)

Jazz in Adventist Schools? (A commentary by editor)

Mad About Music - What Else is New? (A reprint of an article by Vanessa Sanders, reprinted from January/February 2008 Adventist Today)

News: Andrews University 5th annual Music and Worship Conference and 1st annual music competition, The Berean Eagles Pathfinder Club Drum Corps in South Bend, Indiana; Collegedale Academy orchestra at Carnegie Hall, Adventist University of the Philippines Ambassador Choral Arts Society tours in the U.S., Pacific Union College piano project, The Sunnyside Symphony Orchestra in Portland, Oregon

Personal Notes: Kimberly Bulgin, Elsie and Edwin Buck, Clarita Burden, Carlos Flores, Benjamin Gish, Matthew James, Ruth and Edmond Jones, Dana Magana, Karyelle Fleck Nielsen, Lovelyn Sampayan, Roma Sanders, Giobvanni Santos, Cynthia Owen stokes, Shi-Yeon Sung, Karin Thompson, Mark Torsney, Chi Yong Yun, Charles Zacharias (retirement biography).

Obituaries: Lyle Jewell and Opal Miller


IAMA Box 476, College Place, WA USA

These magazines are also available at the following libraries: Andrews University, Atlantic Union College, Avondale College(Australia), Canadian University College, La Sierra University, Newbold College (England), Pacific Union College, Southern Adventist University, Southwestern Adventist University, and Walla Walla University