Wilhelm Michael

1884 - 1945

Wilhelm Michael was a teacher, writer, and poet in Germany whose poetry became part of the Seventh-day Adventist German songbook. A convert to the church in 1921, he had already studied classical philosophy and German at schools in Munich, Leipzig, Heidelberg, and the university at Halle. He obtained a doctorate from the University of Halle and successfully completed examinations that qualified him to teach at the university level.

After his conversion, he taught at and then became the principal at Neanderthal Missionary Seminary. Michael subsequently led the school at Freidensau Missionary Seminary, a position he held at two different times for a total of years, 1928-1934 and 1939-1943, when it became a military hospital during World War II. He taught at Marienhöhe Seminary from 1934-1939.


Source: Seventh-day Adventist Encyclopedia, Volume 11, Second Revised Edition, 1996, (Review and Herald Publishing Association) 61.