Vonda Clark Beerman

1964 -

Vonda Beerman, a soprano and an Angel Award winner whose voice has been described as "angelic" and "the sweetest voice in Christian music today" by Steve Darmody, is an often-featured singer of traditional inspirational music. A vocalist and spokesperson since 1998 for The Quiet Hour, a multi-faceted outreach program, she is well known in both Seventh-day Adventist and other Christian communities.

Vonda was born in LaFayette, Indiana, and grew up in Orlando, Florida, one of four children born to James Douglas, Jr, and Lavon Asher Clark.  She grew up in a home where music was an important activity, her mother often singing solos and in women's trios.

From her fifth grade year, when the choir director praised the purity and sweetness of her voice and predicted that God would use her talent in His work, she has used her talent in witnessing for her faith. During her high school years, she sang in Camorada, a select group that gave programs on weekends that featured them and her as a soloist. She studied voice for a year while in academy and during one semester in college.

After graduating from Georgia Cumberland Academy in 1983, Vonda attended Southern College, now Southern Adventist University, where she met and married Merlin Beerman. At age 26, she decided to pursue a career in music and recorded her first CD. In subsequent years, while raising four children, she has continued to sing. More recently, she has sung and testified about her faith in person on many radio and television programs.

Beerman and CDs of her singing are featured regularly on Christian broadcast networks in the U.S. and overseas, including 3ABN, where she has sung since 1992; KSBN Safe TV; and Canada's CTS network. She has sung for numerous Net telecasts, Maranatha 2000, a Voice of Prophecy Homecoming production in Orlando, Florida, and at other live events.

Her preference for songs with a message is evident in the six CDs she has recorded. The titles and content of her recordings, Will You Love Jesus More?; Holy, Holy, Holy; I Choose You; Treasures (Also in Spanish); and Touch of Country, reflect the breadth of her repertoire.


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