Vasthi Almeida Cheddar

Vasthi Cheddar, primarily a pianist, has been involved extensively in church music for the past twenty years. Although she completed a degree in interior design, she had extensive training in piano, violin, and other areas of music all during her teenage years and music continues to be a large part of her life.

Vasti was born in Santa Clara, Cuba, one of two children born to Jose and Georgina Almeida. Music was an important part of life in her home. Her mother, a church pianist, noticed her pre-school daughter's talent and found a piano teacher who specialized in young children. Because she started piano before she could read or write, she would later observe that her first exposure to math was through her lessons. By age six, she was performing in her father's church.

By the time she emigrated to the U.S. at age seventeen, Vasthi was an accomplished pianist who had studied music history, advanced theory, composition, and arranging. Although initially she planned on auditioning for entrance into the Berkeley School of Music, she decided to pursue a career in another area.

In addition to serving as music director in her church, Cheddar also frequently performs as a soloist, teaches a few selected piano students, and has written a number of musical compositions. She has accompanied singers in recording sessions and prefers playing in intimate settings.

She and her husband, Daniel, reside in Framingham, Massachusetts.


Source: Information provided by Vasthi Cheddar, 2010.