Valeta M. Anderson Rosenthal

1914 - 1977

Valeta Rosenthal grew up in Forest City, Iowa, surrounded by music. Her father, Paul P. Anderson, was an orchestral musician who taught piano, trumpet, clarinet, and other wind instruments. He started his daughter on piano when she was five and later taught her clarinet and saxophone.

Rosenthal finished her last three years of high school at Oak Park Academy in Nevada, Iowa. She completed a music degree at Union College, where she graduated with honors and then pursued graduate study at the American Conservatory of Music. She became a Fellow of the Trinity College of London, completing her tests for that degree with distinction in Los Angeles, where TCL had established a branch.

Rosenthal is remembered for her work as organist at the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Downey, California, and at the SDA White Memorial and Temple City churches. She also served as organist at the First Christian Church of Huntington Park for a number of years. Rosenthal was also known for her work with small Baroque music chamber groups.

Quality sacred music in worship services was important to Rosenthal, and she actively promoted it in southern California. She was a member of the SDA Church Musicians Guild and served as its treasurer.


Source: Article in the Church Musicians Guild publication about its officers, unknown date; Obituary, Pacific Union Recorder, 26 December 1977.