Timothy Vandeman

Tim Vandeman teaches music at Takoma Academy in Maryland. When hired as band director in 2001, he was still a full-time student at Columbia Union College, now Washington Adventist University. By the time he completed a B.Mus. degree at CUC in 2004, he was also directing TA's orchestra and jazz band, in addition to a concert band of sixty members. Beginning in 2006, he assumed direction of the academy chorale and Camerata, a select choral group.

Starting in that year, a drop in school enrollment led to a cutback in the school’s music program.  For the next three years Vandeman’s position was continued with financial support provided by parents of the students. In 2008 he was given an award for his band work by the Guild of Adventist Musicians.

In the fourth year the expense for continuing full-time pay for the position had increased because Vandeman had completed a master’s degree at the Vandercook School of Music in Chicago. Because of this, an increase in salary was mandated when the economy was not doing well, and he lost his job at TA.

During those three years of uncertainty Vandeman explored internet franchising, took the risk, and succeeded to the point of where he today enjoys financial stability and has time to pursue other interests, including being able to assist in the music program at TA.    


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