Stanley Ledington

1889 - 1974

Stanley Ledington, an organist, choir director, and composer as well as artist, was from Durham, England. Upon arrival in the United States, he first worked in hospital administration, serving as assistant manager of the New England Sanitarium and Hospital in Massachusetts, and then as head of the hydrotherapy program at Battle Creek Sanitarium.

In 1919, he became head of the music program at Hutchinson Theological Seminary in Hutchinson, Minnesota, now Maplewood Academy. He then held the same position at Broadview College, later Broadview Academy, in LaFox, Illinois, which ceased operation in 2007.

He taught at Union College from 1929 to 1936, primarily in the choral area. He taught a vocal ensemble class, a select choral group that studied and performed English madrigals and works by composers Praetorius, J. S. Bach, Mozart and others. He also started glee clubs for both men and women in his first year at UC. In Ledington's final year at UC, he led a 75-member chorus that presented performances of both the Messiah and Haydn's Creation.

Ledington was a skillful arranger and composer who had studied composition in Minneapolis and Chicago while teaching at HTS and BA. Two spirituals arranged by him were sung by the UC male glee club in its first year and were praised for their rich harmonies. A cantata composed by him, The Prince of Life, was performed in the 1930-1931 school year by his ensemble class, augmented by other singers and soloists.

In the 1941 SDA Church Hymnal, he was represented by four hymns. Two of these, #398, Bread of the World and #667, Benediction, were retained in the 1985 Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal. They were written in 1938 and 1939, respectively, after he left UC.


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