Sharlotte Anderson Scott

1957 -

Sharlotte Scott , a singer, pianist, flutist, and organist, has taught music and worked in church music for over two decades. She is active as an elementary music teacher and maintains a private piano studio.

Sharlotte was born and raised in Hurley, South Dakota. Her grandmother had a degree in music and taught her and her sisters how to sing duets and trios from their earliest years. Sharlotte studied piano and flute from kindergarten through grade twelve and participated in choir and band during those years. She was selected to play in All State Bands and Choirs during her high school years.

Following graduation from Hurley High School in 1976, she enrolled as a music major at Union College where at first she played in instrumental and vocal ensembles but then focused on voice and sang in the Unionaires, the select choral group directed by Lynn Wickham. She graduated magna cum laude from UC with a B.Mus.Ed in 1981 and with voice and organ as her major and minor performance areas, respectively.

Following her marriage to Floyd Scott in 1982, she taught grades 7-12 band and choirs at College View Academy in Lincoln, Nebraska, for a year. When they moved to Colorado in 1983, she taught K-12 music at Mile High Academy in Denver for the next six years.

She returned to teaching in 1994, doing K-5 music at MHA while also teaching music at the Aurora Adventist Elementary School, now Wood Adventist Elementary School. In that same year, she began teaching piano privately and, in 1997, narrowed her commitments to the music program at WAES and her private studio, both activities continuing to the present.

Scott has also been active in church music for eighteen years, serving as an organist, choir director, and frequently as a soloist. She and her husband have two children.



Source: Information provided by Sharlotte Anderson Scott, September 2011.