J. Scott Reed


Scott Reed, a singer and songwriter, is a part-time member of Faith First and the Heritage Singers, independent gospel groups. He was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, and grew up in Southern California. A graduate of Pacific Union College, he has been serving as worship pastor at South County Christian Center in St. Louis, Missouri, since 2006.

While attending PUC, Reed joined Faith First in 1993 and the Heritage Singers the following year. He has written several songs that have been published by major publishers and produced projects that have featured original praise and worship music. His first solo CD, In Awe of You, released in 2005, included rock and pop style music as well as ballads suitable for personal or group use. His music has been recorded on the albums of several well-known praise and worship artists.

Reed recently received "Independent Song of the Year" honors for Welcome in this Place, which was featured on his The Life I Live CD (2007). Six of his songs have been featured on Worship Leader magazine's Song DISCovery CDs. His most recent CD, RevelationIResponse, was released in January 2009.


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Songs by Scott Reed

A Partial Listing

Let God Arise

All of Me

In Awe of You

Welcome in this Place

Because I'm Forgiven

God of All

Let the Worshippers Arise

God of Wonders

Above All

Holly's Song

This Is the Sound

City On a Hill

Fearless Life

Fix My Eyes

Send Me to the World

I Need You

Come to You

Blessed Are You (A Proverbs 31 Mother)

Song of Surrender

You Are God (Almighty God)



Lamb of God