Robert Korter

1960 -

Robert (Bob) Korter, an instrumentalist with extensive experience as a band and studio musician, traveled widely for over twenty years as a professional musician. He and his wife, Linda Beldin-Korter, founded and operate Awaken Ministries, located in Vancouver, Washington, a multifaceted service that includes providing music and services for evangelistic outreach, cared for by Robert, and a program in counseling and music therapy provided by Linda, a licensed social worker.

Korter was raised in a musical family; his father was a singer and his mother a concert pianist. He started playing trumpet in the fourth grade and at age seven began to aspire to become a professional musician. He was active in high school music, playing in the band and singing in the choir and also studying guitar. He later served as a percussionist in the U.S. Army Band.

He continued to broaden his musical experience with study in theory at universities in Oregon and California, where he completed a minor in music. He developed skills on several stringed instruments, including principally acoustic classical guitar, six-string bass, synthesizer keyboards, and a wide array of classical, Latin, and world music percussion instruments. He also plays twelve-string and electric guitars and mandolin.

Prior to becoming a Christian, Korter was a member of several bands that toured for two decades throughout the U.S. and in Japan, Southeast Asia, Australia, the Philippines, and Hawaii. He now serves as an audio engineer, arranger, and studio musician in his work with other Seventh-day Adventist musicians at Awaken Ministries and assists in supportive and back-up roles in evangelism as a musician and soloist.

At Awaken Ministries Korter has also undertaken special projects that will assist in the evangelistic mission of the Adventist Church. Presently, he is collaborating with others in producing a multimedia presentation about the Great Controversy, titled the Alpha and Omega, which tells the story about that ageless conflict with a special focus on last-day events.


Source: IAMA biography information sheet (2010) and 6 December 2010 email.