Owen A. Troy

1899 - 1962 

While Owen Troy's stay at Oakwood College was only two years, he was active in the music department, conducting the male chorus, primary touring group for the college. Although not a formally trained musician, he had been responsible for music at evangelistic meetings prior to working at OC.

Troy was born in Los Angeles, California. He attended San Fernando Academy and then completed the Theological Course at Pacific Union College. He subsequently founded the Market Street Church in Oakland and then served at the Shiloh Church in Chicago, before going to OC as the business manager.

He served as an administrator in Southern California and the Pacific Union Conference, where he became secretary of the regional conference. While in California, Troy founded a radio broadcast called the Sweet Chariot Hour. He eventually served as an associate secretary of the General Conference Sabbath School Department.

Troy completed an M.A. degree at the University of Chicago and a Doctor of Theology degree at the University of Southern California.

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