Nicholas Stephen Pervier Zork

1979 - 

Nicholas Zork is a singer-songwriter, composer, liturgical musician, guitarist, violinist, and lecturer on topics in theology, worship, and the arts. He is the director of the Andrews University Music and Worship Conference.He played an important role in starting the conference in 2004, which continues as an annual event featuring nationally noted Christian music artists and presenters.He is also editor of Best Practices for Adventist Worship, an email newsletter published by the North American Division of the church.

Nicholas was born in Minnesota, the oldest of four children of Stephen Paul and Susan Marleen Pervier Zork. From his earliest years he and his siblings were surrounded by music, his father being a well-known choir director at the high school and collegiate level in the Seventh-day Adventist school system and both parents being active and well-known professional singers.

Nicholas regularly leads worship services and performs at events around the United States and abroad. Following his graduation from AU with a B.A. in music and religion in 2003, he served for three years as the Associate Pastor of the Glendale Seventh-day Adventist church in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Currently based in New York City, Zork is serving as Minister for Worship and the Arts at the Church of the Advent Hope in NYC.He completed an M.A. in theology with concentrations in theology and the arts at Fuller Theological Seminary in 2009 and is presently pursuing a Ph.D. in theology with a concentration in worship and culture at FTS.

His choral compositions have been performed by church, university, and festival choirs. For example, his collaborative choral composition When You Come was featured for Sabbath morning worship at the 2010 General Session of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Atlanta, Georgia.


In addition to writing and recording with other artists, Nicholas also performs his own folk-oriented songs in music venues around the US.

Nicholas and his brother, Benjamin, collaborated with Aaron Beaumont and Evan Howe to produce an untitled CD with a group called Fade.More recent songs and recordings have included Songs for Worship, CD, 2010; Questions I Canít Answer, EP, 2011; and All We Own, digital, two track 7Ē vinyl, 2013. †††


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