Myrn O'Brien Corban

Myrn Corban has been involved in church music from her earliest years, serving as a choir director and providing keyboard services as needed, wherever she has resided. Active as a musician and piano teacher in Canada and India, she now resides in the Portland, Oregon, area.

Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Myrn was one of seven daughters born to Anna F. and John M. O'Brien. She began piano lessons at an early age and then continued study throughout her high school and college years. She holds an LTCL (Licentiate of Trinity College London) diploma.

She married John Gilmour Corban who, before his retirement, served as a Seventh-day Adventist pastor and hospital chaplain in Toronto, Canada; India; and Oregon. During their time in Poona, India, Myrne taught as a member of the Spicer Memorial College staff.

Corban now runs a private music studio in Gresham, Oregon, with her son John and enjoys an excellent excellent reputation as a piano teacher. Many of her students have become professional musicians and music teachers. She is a member of MTNA (Music Teachers National Association) and OMTA (the Oregon Music teachers Association) and has served in several leadership positions in the latter.


Source: Information provided by Myrn O'Brien Corban, 3 May 2008.