Michael Jay Fillman


Michael Fillman, well-known organist and pianist in the greater Loma Linda, California, area, is principal organist at the Calimesa SDA church, a position he has held since 1986. He is an orthodontist with a practice in Yucaipa.

Fillman started piano lessons at age five and shortly thereafter began playing solos in his church in Omaha, Nebraska. Church music became a life-long passion. This interest increased and expanded when the Fillman family lived in England from 1958-1962, where his father fulfilled a military obligation. While there, he heard the organ and choruses in the New Gallery Center of downtown London as they performed wonderful hymns and sacred music. This experience awakened in him a strong desire to play the organ.

Fillman began organ study under C. Warren Becker at Andrews Academy and continued his study while at Andrews University. He regards his study under Becker to be the primary force in his development as an organist. He remembers him as an inspiring mentor and a wonderful role model for church music ministry. Beckerís oft-repeated instruction to "play the text of the hymn Ė donít just play the notes" made an indelible impression on him as a student.

Fillman has performed at The Quiet Hour partnership meetings and at national and regional ASI meetings. He has appeared on 3ABN as an accompanist, and played for numerous area churches. He is known for both his piano and hymn improvisations and has made two CDs, Piano Reflections, recorded for The Quiet Hour in 2004, and Silent Night, a Christmas keyboard CD released in 2006.


Source; Information provided by Michael Fillman in 2007.