Martha Díaz de Martínez

1966 -

Martha Martínez, a violist, teaches music education classes at the University of Montemorelos and is in charge of early music training in the conservatory (preparatory) program, an area of teaching she particularly enjoys. She has been at the university since 1994.

Martha was born in Ciudad Del Carmen, Campeche, Mexico. She and her three siblings were raised in a home where music was important. She studied piano with Hector Flores in the preparatory program at UM, graduating from the secondary level in 1984. During those years, she had decided to pursue a music education degree and, following graduation, enrolled at UM, where she studied viola with Lucille Taylor, Julien Lobsien, and Pedro Cortinas, graduating in 1990.

During the first ten years after graduation Martinez taught strings to children and youth in Monterrey in the orchestra and choir programs in the state of Nuevo Leon and also in the conservatory at UM. She completed a master's degree program offered by Andrews University at UM in 2006. Martinez is presently creating and preparing materials for teaching music at the pre-school level, hoping to promote music education for small children throughout Mexico.

Her husband, Fernando Martínez, a music degree graduate from UM, is a cellist who enjoys conducting and composing. An active performer on cello, he is director of the dental technician program at the university. They have three children, all of whom are involved with music.


Source: IAMA website biographical information form completed by Diaz de Martinez and translated by Ruth Ann Wade.