Lucile Ann Beaman Mann

1941 - 2009 

Lucile Beaman Mann, a pianist and singer, was a talented amateur musician who, in addition to her work in hospitals, was actively involved in music wherever she lived. She taught piano lessons and music classes, sang in church choirs, and served as a pianist and organist for the Lakeland, Georgia, Seventh-day Adventist church for over thirty years.

Lucile was born in Atlantic, Iowa, to Leonard and Agatha Beaman and was raised in Southern California, the family having moved there when she was three. She attended and graduated from Lynwood Academy and then attended La Sierra College, now University, where she completed a BA in English. She married Guy W. Mann, a physician, in1963 and they would live in Glendale, California; Guadalajara, Mexico; and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, before settling in Lakeland, Georgia, in 1974. They had three children, Elizabeth, Edward, and Laura.

Earlier in her life she worked in the public relations department of White Memorial Hospital in California. Beginning in 1980, she began working at the Louis Smith Memorial Hospital in Lakeland where she was serving as chief accountant at the time of her retirement in 2009. In addition to her musical involvement with the Adventist church in Lakeland, she was active in the Pathfinders program for thirty years and served as chair of the Lakeland Adventist School.


Source: online obituary.