Lily Elise Belleau Maxwell

1899 - 1980

Lily Maxwell taught piano for over fifty years at several Seventh-day Adventist Schools. Her husband, Gordon, was an elementary school teacher and she gave piano lessons in schools where he taught.

She was born in Quebec City, Canada, and following her marriage she and her husband, who was also Canadian, lived in Winnipeg where he taught in the church school and she assisted by teaching music. In 1948 they moved to College Place, Washington, where he taught in the elementary school associated with Walla Walla College, now University, and she taught piano at the college for three years.

They relocated to Portland, Oregon, where she taught piano at Portland Union Academy, now Portland Adventist Academy, and following a move to Loma Linda in California, taught at Adventist schools in that area until her retirement. Maxwell, who had a B.Mus., also maintained a studio in her home. She was living in Loma Linda at the time of her death, at age eighty.


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