Lennox Roger Fleary


Lennox Fleary, a guitarist, singer, and songwriter, is a versatile musician who has performed extensively on the West Coast since 1991. A native of Grenada, he left his homeland to fully pursue his love of music. He attended Pacific Union College from 1986 to 1991 and presently resides in Oregon. Earlier he was in Los Angeles, where he was minister of music at the Hollywood Seventh-day Adventist church.

A shy person, Fleary began performing publicly by playing bass as a background instrument. As he gained confidence, he began singing his own music, accompanying himself on his guitar with an infectious rhythm that complements the spiritual message he wishes to convey. The result is music that effectively connects with his listeners. He refers to his music as acoustic fusion, a blend of pop, rock, funk, blues, jazz, and calypso influences.

A self-taught musician, Fleary is unable to read music, although he is studying music theory. He recently observed that he hears the music in his head and once he has visualized it, writes or plays what he has experienced.

He has recorded one CD album, My Fatherís House, released in January 2007, and is currently working on a second.



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