Kimberly Palmer-Washington

1967 - 

Kimberly Palmer, a soprano and songwriter, is a well-known singer of inspirational and gospel music in the Seventh-day Adventist church. Since she impressed everyone with her singing of "Lift up the Trumpet" at the General Conference Session in New Orleans in 1985, she has enjoyed widespread national and international recognition for her talent and artistry.

She became a singing evangelist in 1990 and four years later decided to do this type of ministry full-time, along with being a Bible worker and literature evangelist. She has since sung at over one hundred international crusades and tent efforts. Beginning in 1998, she began to preach and do public speaking workshops in the United Kingdom, working with pastors Steve Thomas and Egland Brooks.

In 1999 Palmer founded and began to publish ACOF News Ministry (A Circle of Friends), a monthly newsletter. She also speaks for MORe (Ministry of Renewal) and the twelve-step Christ-centered program Safety Zone.

Kimberly was born in Ashtabula, Ohio, the youngest of eight children born to Rosanna and Harold Palmer, Sr.  She is married to Vert L. Washington, Sr., of Thomasville, Georgia, and they have five children.

She started singing at eight and then continued in academy as a soloist with the Pine Forge Academy choir under the direction of Gwen Foster. During those years, PFA academy released two CDs that featured the choir and Kimberly as soloist.

During her career, Kimberly has since been featured on thirteen more CDs. She recorded three CDs with her sister, Faye Palmer-Reid, and has joined artists on others. She released her first solo CD, Heaven, in 1998; a second, Wings of a Dove, in 2001; and, more recently, a third titled Somebody Prayed for Me. On the second CD, she wrote the title song and four others on the recording. The last release was paired with a book by the same title, written jointly with her sister, Beverly Palmer Hill.


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