Julieanne Johnson Rabens-Moore


Julieanne (Julietta Ann), Rabens-Moore, composer and harpist, currently lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she teaches harp, piano, and composition at the New Mexico School of Music. She is a freelance performer and an active and commissioned composer.

Rabens received her bachelor’s degree in music, with an emphasis in composition, highest honors, from Union College in 1993, as well as an Associate of Science in art in 1996. She completed an M.Mus. in composition from University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1995 and a D.M.A. in composition with a minor in piano pedagogy from UNL in 2002, studying with Randall Snyder. She is a member of Pi Kappa Lambda, national music honor society.

Rabens was an assistant professor of music at Union College from 2000-2002, teaching music history, counterpoint, world music, music technology, piano pedagogy, composition, piano, and harp. Prior to that appointment she taught composition through Lincoln Public School’s mentoring program for gifted students and was a graduate teaching assistant in composition, music theory, and jazz history at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. In 2004 she completed a M.Mus. in harp at Northern Illinois University with Liz Cifani. She has also coached with Kathy Kienzie and Anne Eisfeller.

Previous to the move to New Mexico, Rabens-Moore was on the staff at St. Francis Music Center in Minnesota and was a member of Healing Harps, Great Lakes Harpers, and the Minnesota Composers Forum.

While her formal harp study was in the classical tradition for pedal harp and original music for the double strung harp, she has continued to expand her repertoire and understanding in other global harp traditions including jazz, Celtic, Paraguayan, West African Kora, Saung Gauk from Myanmar and others. Her philosophy in playing harp is patterned on phrasing based on vocal models and employing timbres and dynamics to articulate musical structure and the compositional process.

Rabens-Moore has composed a number of works in the Western European classical approach but has also been influenced by Jazz and Asian Music. Her writings, which explore a variety of harmonic systems, are lyrical, and draw on formal structures, include a harp concerto, piano concerto, cantata and numerous chamber compositions. She has also written a series of graded pedagogical series for beginning harp students and music for harp ensembles.

She is known as a thorough composition teacher who believes in nurturing the student as whole person and uses positive reinforcement in her approach to students of all ages. This creates a relaxed atmosphere that allows honest and clear dialogue between the student and teacher.  


Sources: Summer/Autumn 2000 IAMA Notes, 19, 20; Numerous online sources, including Julianne Raben’s personal website and her biography (Julietta Rabens-Moore) at the New Mexico School of Music website (2013).

Music by Julietta Rabens-Moore

Harp Music

Pedagogical Harp Music

Classics at Your Fingertips Series

Classics at Your Fingertips Book 1 (43 pages) $15.00
Classics at Your Fingertips Book 2 (42 pages) $15.00
Classics at Your Fingertips Book 3 (45 pages) $15.00
Classics at Your Fingertips Book 4 (53 pages) $15.00
Classics at Your Fingertips for lap harp without levers (coming soon)

At Your Fingertips is a new series I created for teaching harp to adult beginners. It is designed to teach harp to anyone regardless of musical background and ability. Each student will move at his/her own pace, and there is plenty of reinforcement for each concept to use when needed. The music selected is taken from the classical harp repertoire, as well as from classical music in general. There are also pieces based on harp traditions from around the world and original compositions. There is an emphasis on high quality, expressive music that is comfortable to play.

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A Sea of Strings

(A new Series for Harp Ensemble!)

Irish Melodies for a Sea of Strings $10
Mexican Melodies for a Sea of Strings $10

Asian Melodies for a Sea of Strings (coming soon)
Classical Melodies for a Sea of Strings (coming soon)

Lap harp music

Petite Suite (beg-int) $10
Three Preludes (beg-int) $10

Available from Melody's Traditional Music, and other vendors.

Lever harp music
Remembrance (int) $10
Ave Maria (int) $2.50

Double strung harp music
Saturniid Nocturnes (int) $10
Reveries (int) $10

Pedal harp music
maternablu for flute and harp (int) $15

Bitterroot Soundscape for harp and chamber ensemble (adv) (available after premiere)
Harp part $10 Score $35 Parts (call for pricing and permission)

Meditation on a Fallen Leaf for harp and horn (or cello) (int-adv) (available after premiere) $15

Cnidarian Nocturnes (adv) (available after premiere) $20


Arrangements for the Bell' Alma Duo for flute and harp

Au fond du temple saint from “The Pearl Fishers” for fl/hp by George Bizet (int-adv) $10

Lia’s Aria from “L’Enfant Prodigue for fl/hp by Claude Debussy (int-adv) $10

Grande Fantaisie de Concert sur “Oberon” by Weber for fl/vla/hp by Demersseman (adv) $20

Grande Fantaisie on themes from “Mignon by Thomas for fl/hp by Paul Taffanel (adv) $15

Please order scores from venders as listed above as available.

Shipping: Please include $4 for the first book, $1 for each additional book

beg = beginning, int = intermediate, adv = advanced

Vocal Music

Wyoming Songs for alto and piano $10

Against the Sky for soprano and piano $10
The Gift, Lilacs, Blackbirds

I heard a voice like the salted air for tenor and piano (available after premiere) $10

Song of Moses for SATB, organ, and percussion (5 minutes)
$10 (first copy), $35 (10 copies), $50 (20 copies)

Psalm 148 for SATB, organ and timpani, (5 minutes)
$10 (first copy), $35 (10 copies), $50 (20 copies)

Unity Hymn for SATB and piano. (3 minutes)
$5 (first copy) $1 each additional copy
Ruth cantata for solos, SATB choir, string quartet (manuscript form)
Score $25, parts $25

Shipping: Please include $4 for the first book, $1 for each additional book

Mixed Media

Raindrop Suite for flute, percussion, and celesta (6 minutes)
Score $10, parts $10
Meditations on Winged Creatures for flute quartet (12 minutes)
Score $10, flute 1 $5, flute 2 $5, flute 3 $5, flute 4 $5

Crystalline Formations for two pianos, percussion, and crystal goblets (7 minutes)
$10 each copy

Twilight Variations for piano trio (5 minutes)
Score $10, Piano $5, violin $5, cello $5

Childhood Sketches for solo piano (10 minutes) $20

I. Frog Jumping Contest
II. Dance of the Ladybug
Grandfather Clock
IV. The Troll
V. Uncle Bill’s Magic Show

Visions of Mars for percussion ensemble (10 minutes) Currently under revision. Call for availability.

I.Phobos and Deimos
III. Olympus Mons

Reflections on Europa for clarinet and piano (10 minutes) Currently under revision. Call for availability.

I. Isolation
II. Stars Imbedded in Ice
III. Cloud Fractures
IV. Murmurings

Buffalo Journeys for tuba ensemble (10 minutes) Currently under revision. Call for availability.
Prairie Soundscape for piano and wind ensemble, also for piano and chamber orchestra   Currently under revision. Call for availability.

Shipping: Please include $4 for the first book, $1 for each additional book

email: juliettamusic@ gmail.com
phone: 505.918.6227