Joylin May Campbell-Yukl

1946 - 2003

Joylin May Campbell-Yukl served as an organist in several churches in Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, and finally in the Denver South Seventh-day Adventist Church in Colorado. She and her husband, Richard, a surgeon, lived in Denver for the last seventeen years of her life.

A native of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Joylin graduated from high school at Canadian Union College, Canadian University College, in 1964. She completed a B.A. in 1968 at Andrews University and was listed as one of 23 AU seniors in Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges.

Following completion of a masterís degree in 1969 at AU, she married Richard L. Yukl in December 1972 and was awarded a D.M.A. in organ performance in 1973 at the University of Missouri in Kansas City. She completed a Master of Divinity degree from the Iliff School of Theology in Denver in 1998.

Joylin was active in the SDA Church Musicians Guild and served as editor of its publication, Music Ministry, from 1986 to 1989. Prior to her death from pancreatic cancer in September 2003, at age 56, she was working as a chaplain at the Presbyterian/Saint Lukeís Hospital in Denver.


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