Joedy Peter Melashenko

1948 -

Joedy Melashenko, a member of a widely known extended family of gifted singers in the Seventh-day Adventist Church, has enjoyed a career as a youth pastor, elementary school teacher, and associate speaker and youth director for the Quiet Hour. He, with his parents, four brothers - Lonnie, Dallas, Eugene, and Rudy - and their families have provided an inspiring music ministry as The Melashenko Singers for over fifty years.

Joedy was the second oldest of five sons born in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada, to Joseph (Joe) and Anne Koleada Melashenko, parents with a rich Russian-Ukranian heritage. Shortly after his birth, the family moved to Glendale, California, where his father sang bass in the Voice of Prophecy's King's Heralds quartet for two years. The Melashenkos then returned to Canada, residing on the family farm in the wheat fields of Saskatchewan for the next eight years.

While conditions on the farm were initially primitive, with the Melashenkos living in a house with no heat, running water, or plumbing, they became a closely-knit family who rose above these beginnings, celebrating their Christian faith with singing and harmonizing hymns and gospel songs in the home. The Melashenkos’ first appearances in public as a singing family were in a nearby Russian speaking church.

Beginning in 1958, the family made a series of moves as Joe served as a teacher, pastor, and singing evangelist in Massachusetts, Bermuda, Maryland, and Southern California. Joedy attended Mt. Aetna Academy while they were living in Maryland and graduated from Loma Linda Academy in 1966.

All five of the Melashenko boys attended and graduated from what is now La Sierra University, with three becoming pastors and two pursuing teaching. While Joedy, who completed a B.A. in religion with an elementary education teaching credential, was in college, he studied voice with Moses Chalmers. Following graduation in 1970, he married Judy Slusarenko.

He then taught in the SDA elementary school system and conducted numerous children's choirs. Later, while serving as a youth pastor, he led several "Kids of Praise" singing groups.

From the age of ten, Joedy knew that singing, though not a career, would be an important part of his life. The family's singing, since expanded to include his wife and the wives of the brothers and the next generation, has continued unabated for over five decades. They have sung with different combinations of the group in 26 countries for countless evangelistic crusades and at numerous camp meetings and other church-related events.

Their first record, The Happy Family, released by Chapel Records in 1964, was followed by a second, The Melashenko Family Sings, in 1974. The first three CDs they released, Generations, Step into the Water, and Brothers in Song, the last featuring Lonnie and Joedy, were subsequently followed by other CD releases and music DVDs.

The first DVD release, Melashenko Family Singers - Live from Arizona Camp Meeting, included all 23 members of the family. A second DVD, How Great Our Joy, a Christmas release in 2003, received an Angel Award from the National Religious Broadcasting Association.

Another DVD, a two-hour + family documentary-drama with 21 songs, God's Leading Through the Generations, produced in 2003, was recipient of the prestigious Golden Star Halo Award from the Southern California Motion Picture Council. An article about this achievement that was printed in several SDA publications noted:

It is a rare day . . . no, an almost-unheard-of-day . . . when Hollywood recognizes any one that is not part of their 'elite circle,' much less anyone of faith. A rare and unique honor was bestowed upon the Melashenko Family recently when they received the "Golden Star Halo Award" from the Southern California Motion Picture Council for their inspiring two-hour musical docu-drama, God’s Leading Through the Generations.

Since 1936, the SCMPC has been recognizing and awarding many of Hollywood’s most well known celebrities. This organization prides itself in being the conservative watchdog of Hollywood and one of its highest goals is to encourage and award documentaries, musicals, and films that are family oriented, wholesome and uplifting.

For more than forty years, the Melashenko Family has been blessing audiences all over the world with their Christ-centered music and is well known in many Christian communities, but certainly not in the secular world of Hollywood.

Parents Joe and Anne raised their five sons on the wheat fields of Saskatchewan, Canada. Music has always been an important part of their heritage. Even as toddlers, the boys were singing in 4-part harmony.

God’s Leading Through the Generations is a 2-hour musical docu-drama that traces their rich Russian-Ukrainian heritage. Recently, the family traveled back to their roots in Canada and relived many of the nostalgic memories of their past. All of this was captured on film by Christian producer Cory Patrick Brown, who was also awarded for his role as Producer.

When presenting the "Golden Star Halo Award," the most prestigious SCMPC award, to Joedy & Judy Melashenko (Executive Producers) at a gala awards luncheon in Studio City, Barbara Anne Evans, Vice-President of SCMPC, made these remarks. "Every family in America needs to see this film. It will bring healing into our homes. It is the missing ingredient in so many families!" What a rich testimony!

Every year members of the Melashenko family do at least thirty "Music with a Mission" concerts to benefit mission projects through Quiet Hour Ministries. The family has also been featured in numerous Voice of Prophecy Reunion music videos.

Joedy and Judy now serve as Youth Mission Adventure Directors and singers at the QHM. Their three adult children, JoAnne, a dental hygienist; James, a chef; and Jason, a dentist, are accomplished singers and regularly perform with the family.


Source: Information provided by Joedy Peter Melashenko, July 2011; Other online sources.




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