Joseph C. Savino

1956 - 

Joseph (Joe) Savino, a guitarist and singer known for his folk-gospel style, serves full-time as associate pastor of the La Mesa Seventh-day Adventist church in San Diego, California, and as a chaplain for the Legacy Funeral home. He uses his musical talents to assist in his ministry for families and young adults. His wife, Julie (Switzer), is pastoral assistant for youth at the La Mesa church and Vice Principal at San Diego Academy.

Savino was introduced to music as a child by his parents, who wanted to help him develop confidence when it appeared that an eye disease could lead to blindness. In high school, he sang and played guitar in a family group called the Paradise Singers and enjoyed listening to gospel quartets, the latter shaping his ideas for expressive singing.

These experiences and influences combined with a natural musical talent and a pleasing voice led to a singing style that is free and natural. That voice, coupled with a gift for singing in tight harmony and providing complementary accompaniments on his guitar, has created music that has helped him convey an effective spiritual message. Savino has made two full-length recordings: I Belong to Jesus and God's Unchanging Hand.


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