Jim McDonald


Jim McDonald, an award-winning Christian recording artist, songwriter, and producer, has been singing for over three decades. A prolific record producer, he has released over 200 recordings, with over sixty receiving Angel Awards. He personally has been named "Male Vocalist of the Year" nine times and one of his albums was named "Album of the Year."

His ministry is international, known formally as Jim McDonald World Ministries, and has taken him and his wife, Katie, to troubled areas of the world including Central, Eastern, and Southern Europe, Africa, and Central and South America. In addition to giving concerts, they support a "Safe Haven Refuge," a program that helps orphans and prostitutes and provides safe havens for pastors who minister in troubled areas.

In one of McDonald's recent CDs, Pieces of My Life, every song is a testimony to the importance of his relationship with Christ and a tribute to those who supported him in his formative years and later in his walk through life. His most recent CD, Moments, has led to another nomination for him as "Male Vocalist of the Year" and for his wife, Katie, as "Graphic Artist of the Year" for her cover design. She has previously won fourteen awards for "Graphic Design and Layout of the Year" for her CD covers.

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