Jim McClintock

1934 -

Jim McClintock presently resides in Thousand Oaks, California, where he serves as Executive Director/Secretary for Ministry of the Cross, a full-time faith ministry. In his work with MC, he gives concerts, participates in revival meetings, and makes television and radio appearances throughout the U.S., Canada, and Latin America. MC has produced over 25 albums featuring songs performed by him and his wife, Ann Pillor, a contralto and a registered nurse and graduate of the Loma Linda School of Nursing. Three of the albums are in Spanish.

Born in Springfield, Ohio, McClintock began singing at age six. All through his high school and college years he sang in numerous quartets, including a group known as the King's Men Quartet while he was attending Southern Missionary College, now Southern Adventist University, in the 1950's.

McClintock graduated from SMC with a B.A. degree in business and accounting. He then worked in a number of accounting and CPA firms for several years as a way to support his growing music career. He declined an offer from the Jordanaires Quartet in 1958, when they were the back-up group for Elvis Presley for several of his recordings and movies.

In 1961, John Thurber, a former member of the SMC Adelphian and King's Men quartets, was chosen to sing in the VOP King's Heralds quartet. When, after Thurber's first year in the VOP quartet, two positions opened, two other former SMC quartet members, Jack Veazey and McClintock, joined the quartet. They sang together for five years before Thurber left in 1967. During that time, the quartet joined with Del Delker and Maurita Phillips Thornburgh to sing in a group under Wayne Hooper called the Hymnsingers.

McClintock continued with the quartet for another ten years after Thurber left. During his fifteen years with the King's Heralds, he sang in over twenty languages, recorded over 25 albums, and traveled extensively in many countries.

When McClintock left the VOP in 1977, he developed a personal music and preaching ministry. In 1983 he established Ministry of the Cross (www.ministryofthecross.com)  as a nonprofit, tax-exempt California corporation. It became a full-time endeavor in 1988.



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