Janice Dawn Martin Judd

1945 -

Jan Judd enjoys an international reputation as a singer and recording artist. She was the primary singer for the Voice of Prophecy in Australia and has also been a soloist with the VOP in the U.S.

Jan was born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, one of four children born to Edmund George and Edna Alice Mainstone Martin. Both parents were amateur musicians and music was an important activity in their home.

She started music lessons on piano and in voice from a well-known teacher while in elementary school. Following graduation from the high school in Mullumbimy, NSW, in 1961, she attended Avondale College as a music major for a year, studying voice with Jean Kilroy. During that time she was a frequent soloist and soloed with the Avondale Symphonic Choir. At the end of that year she made a decision to pursue a career in music.

Since leaving Avondale, she has sung with the Warren Judd, Laurie Lewis, and other orchestras; given concerts in the Sydney Opera House; performed countless times as a soloist with choral and instrumental groups in a variety of venues, and given recitals with an accompanist. She married Warren D. Judd, an active musician, in 1967. Although she is best known in Australia, where she was the main singer with its Voice of Prophecy broadcast, Judd has also become widely known internationally for her work as one of the producers for Family Reunion Music DVDs and concerts.

The Judds, who now live in Simi Valley, California, have two children, both of whom are very active in music. Their son, Marc, a physician, has a degree in trumpet performance and in addition to being a frequent soloist has been a singer with the Heritage Singers and Faith First. Their daughter, Shani Judd-Diehl, is also a soloist who has sung with the Heritage Singers and Faith First.



Source: Information provided by Janice Judd, September 2011.