Jacqueline Cayo Hull

1927 -

Jacqueline (Jackie) Hull, a pianist and cellist, has taught piano lessons, accompanied in both church and school settings for many years, and played in numerous string ensembles while in school and later in life. She also served as a secretary in different settings and was a medical secretary for over a decade and a half.

Jackie and her identical twin sister, Joan, were born in Buchanan, Michigan, the only children of Edward L. and Elizabeth Rouse Cayo. Their childhood was spent in Benton Harbor, Michigan; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and Vancouver, Washington. Although their parents were not musical, the twins both had piano lessons while young and later participated in a music program in the Milwaukee public schools in which children were able to choose an instrument and then receive free lessons. Jackie chose cello and Joan the double bass.

In 1942 they entered Auburn Academy, where they were both active in music. Following graduation in 1944, by coincidence on the same day as the D-Day invasion in Europe, they enrolled at Walla Walla College, now University, as music majors, both majoring in piano initially, and Joan switching to organ in her second year. Both sisters, known as the "Cayo twins" on campus, sang in the choir under John T. Hamilton and were in a photograph of nine members of the choir featured on the cover of This Week, a national Sunday paper magazine published on December 21, 1946.

Although Jackie's major performance area was piano and she gave a senior piano recital, she performed more often on the cello during her college years, playing in both the orchestra and the string quartet. Near the end of her stay at WWC she assisted in teaching piano at the college.

Following graduation in 1949 with a B.A. in music, she worked as a secretary in the Southeastern California Conference and then moved to Maryland in 1953, having accepted a job as secretary to the administrator of Washington Adventist Hospital. She married Eugene Hull in 1954. They would have two children, Marilyn Kay (Prior), and Randall Hull.

Hull taught piano lessons privately for a few years and assisted in the music department of Spencerville Academy in Maryland, teaching piano lessons and accompanying its choir. She also played the cello in string ensembles, including the Sligo Church orchestra, during the time the Hulls lived in that area. For seventeen years she worked as a medical secretary at Washington Adventist Hospital in Maryland, where her husband was a financial administrator.

They retired from their work at WAH in 2001 and moved to Banning, California. Following the death of Eugene in 2009, Hull began assisting on a volunteer basis in the music department at Mesa Grande Adventist Academy, an experience she enjoys.


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