Helen Morse Steinel Hare

1887 - 1976

Helen Morse, a singer, was born in Cleveland, Ohio. She married Irving Steinel, a pianist and organist, in 1913. Following his graduation from the collegiate course at Washington Missionary College, now Columbia Union College, in 1915, they spent a year at South Lancaster Academy in Massachusetts and then traveled to the Philippines, where he was in charge of starting and developing the educational work. In his six years there, he and three other Americans started Philippine Seventh-day Adventist Academy, now Adventist University of the Philippines, in 1917.

At the end of six successful years in the Philippines, the Steinels returned to the States in 1922 and resided at Emmanuel Missionary College, now Andrews University. Beginning in 1922, they participated as musicians in annual meetings of the General Conference, he serving as official pianist and she as soloist. They were participants in the 1941 General Conference Session, the largest meeting of its type to that time.

They worked at the Glendale Hospital in California after leaving EMC in the mid-1920s and taught music in their Glendale home for twenty years, until his death in 1945. After his death, Helen taught music at Hawaiian Mission Academy in Honolulu and at Monterey Bay Academy in California. She married Milton M. Hare in 1955 and died in San Jose, California, twenty-one years later, at age 89.



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