Gerald Babanezhad

 1969 -

Gerald Babanezhad, a pianist, composer and arranger, teacher, and evangelist, has used his musical gift to inspire many listeners and to witness for the Christian way of life. Based in Southern California, he has worked on behalf of Gospel Outreach, an independent missionary endeavor in the Seventh-day Adventist church, in their efforts to reach those in Iran. He performs and preaches in regional venues and is founder of a weekly telecast, "A Sure Vision," which airs on a number of television stations.

Babanezhad was born in Tehran, Iran, to an Assyrian father and Armenian mother. He came to the U.S. in 1979 and, following graduation from high school, studied classical piano with a number of prominent pianists. He concentrated in his piano study on works by composers from the Romantic era, Impressionistic period, and 20th century.

In a CD released in 2007, Sacred Piano Concertos, Babanezhad displays that influence with works that capture the feel of famous concertos and works for piano and orchestra using well-known hymn tunes as thematic material. This recording of elaborate and intricate compositions displays his accomplishment as a highly skilled pianist, composer, and orchestrator.


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