Francis (Frank) L. Foote

1914 - 1987

Frank Foote was Minister of Music at Battle Creek Tabernacle for 35 years. A music student of the late Oliver S. Beltz, he upheld a long tradition of excellence in music at the BCT.

A man of gentle, though firm persuasion, he had significant influence on conference leaders, pastors, boards, camp meeting choirs, school youth, soloists, and instrumentalists. All respected the consistency of his high musical convictions and were warmed by his personal interest in each group or individual he dealt with.

At the 1966 General Conference Session in Detroit, Michigan, Foote led a laymen's choir that sang a stirring arrangement of "A Mighty Fortress is Our God" featuring brilliant trumpet fanfares. It was singled out in a report of that evening in the Review and Herald as being a particularly memorable moment in the service.

John Conkell, a close friend and accomplished tenor in the Tabernacle Choir, observed:

When we choir members were rehearsing under Frank's direction, we were led to understand the spiritual truth in each anthem, until it became internalized in our own experience. On Sabbaths, we knew the Holy Spirit was present, and so did the congregation . . . Frank would have us remember above all that church music is an offering to God . . ..

When Foote retired in October 1975, he was honored for his many years of service in the BCT. His son, Charles, succeeded him.

On July 11, 1987, Battle Creek alumni from across the nation gathered at the tabernacle to pay tribute to and honor the contribution Foote had made in music.


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