Esther Lorntz Ledington

1891 - 1981

Esther Ledington, a soprano, taught voice at Hutchinson Theological Seminary in Hutchinson, Minnesota, now Maplewood Academy; Broadview College, later Broadview Academy, in LaFox, Illinois, which ceased operation in 2007; and at Union College, from 1929 to 1937.

Esther was born in Norway and married Stanley Ledington, who was born in England. It appears they came to the United States in the second decade of the 20th century, when he initially served as assistant manager of the New England Sanitarium and Hospital in Massachusetts and then as head of the hydrotherapy program at Battle Creek Sanitarium.

Beginning in 1919, they had a series of appointments teaching music in Adventist colleges of that time. In each instance, she taught voice and sang the soprano solos whenever her husband directed performances of the Messiah.



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