Esther Davis

1960 -

Esther Davis is a pianist and singer who teaches in Texas public pre-school and elementary school levels, maintains a private studio, and assists in music for the church. She is also active as a singer and pianist.

Esther was born in Marshall, Texas, the older of two children of Jerry Oliver and Ethel Lee Glover Davis. Her mother started her on piano lessons when she was four and by age six she was playing in Sabbath School and singing new music after one hearing. Her mother died when Esther was in elementary school and her stepmother took her piano away so she had to practice in church.  Her father continued to support her piano study and took her to lessons.

After graduating from high school, she played for churches and, at the invitation of a college president, took a voice audition and received a scholarship.  She completed a B.S. in music education at Wiley College and later pursed graduate study at Stephen F. Austin State University.      

In her teaching career, Davis directed the middle school and high school choirs at the Sabine, Texas, Independent School District until she began to have Sabbath performance problems. She has subsequently taught K– 5 music in the Tyler ISD and now teaches at that same level in the ISD in Longview, Texas.

Davis also maintains Esther’s Music Academy in Longview and performs for area churches. She has worked as a music coordinator for the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists and for the SDA Southwest Region Youth Ministries Department, sings in the East Texas Chorale, and is on the East Texas Opera Board.


Source: Interview with and materials provided by Esther Davis, 2014..