Elia King

Elia King is a singer, guitarist, and songwriter who has been a worship music leader for over a fifteen years in a number of settings internationally. Although active in music, he also works in the enrollment office at Southwestern Adventist University.

Elia was raised in a home where music was a central activity. From the age of four, his parents encouraged him in his music study, starting him with piano lessons. Under their tutelage he developed the ability to listen closely to music and the art of playing by ear. His compositions are a blend of many influences, the result being music with a folksong feel.

A December 2004 B.A. graduate in religion from Andrews University, King currently works as a full-time freelance graphic designer. He and his wife, Dena, live in Mansfield, Texas, and have one child, a daughter, Ellie.


Sources: Andrews University Music and Worship Conference printed programs, 2009-2012 Music; Bio at www.eliaking.com.


Plan C 1998

The Side Project 1999

Reaching 2001

Less is More 2007