Curtis E. Wolfe

1933 -

Curtis Wolfe, a violinist and orchestra conductor, now retired and living in Canada, taught in two academies, a public school, and two schools in Adventist higher education. Areas of special interest and emphasis in his music study and career included string and vocal performance, theory and composition, and music education. He served as music department chair at Canadian Union College from 1989 until his retirement in 1996.

Wolfe completed a B.A. degree in music at Pacific Union College in 1957, where he also wrote for and served in various editorial positions on the college paper. He completed an M.Mus. at Indiana University in 1963 and a D.M.A. at the University of Oregon in 1971.

His doctoral dissertation explored the effect of incorporating music composition into elementary general music classes. Wolfe became an enthusiastic promoter of that practice based on the results of his work. He found that composing music activities, combined with other singing and listening activities could be an important factor in maintaining student interest and developing a positive attitude in students toward the study of music.

Wolfe began his teaching career in 1957 at Canadian Union College, now Canadian University College, where he taught until 1964. He returned there in 1976 after teaching at Milo Academy in Oregon; the public school system in Eugene, Oregon; Andrews University; and Gem State Academy in Idaho. The 1985 CUC yearbook was dedicated to him with the following notation:

To the man whose patience and understanding makes learning a joy, a man whose counsel spans the years and bridges the gaps of generations, whose youthful endeavours find satisfaction in passing on an appreciation for that which is finest and best, we dedicate this book to your honour, Dr. Curtis Wolfe.

Wolfe was named an Emeritus Professor at the time of his retirement in 1996.


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