Corinne Knopper

Corinne Knopper, an accomplished cornet player, has played extensively in lead positions in brass bands in Australia. Additionally, she enjoys a reputation as an effective teacher, having now taught brass lessons and music technology at Avondale College in Australia for over a decade.

Knopper started brass studies in 1976 while she was attending Avondale College. She had the privilege of studying under David King, arguably the top cornet player in the world, a performer who was the winner in international competitions for five years. Eleven years after starting and taking out time to start a family, she began to participate in brass bands and took lessons for a period of ten years.

During that time, she became principal solo cornet in the Avondale Advent Brass, now known as the Avondale Brass Band, holding that position for seven years. In 1999, she was invited to attend rehearsals with the Waratah Brass, one of the top A-grade competing brass bands in Australia, and play with them in the closing ceremonies for the BHP Steel foundry in Newcastle.

For three years, Knopper remained on the solo cornet line in that ensemble until she was told to play in competitions on Sabbath or withdraw from the band. A compromise was reached and she was allowed to continue in the group, playing third cornet for the next three years.

In her time with the Waratah Brass, she competed on days other than Sabbath and played at numerous significant events where she became acquainted with the internationally elite soloists and players associated with brass bands. After twenty years of demanding brass playing, however, Knopper suffered an extreme case of vocal chord collapse following a recording session with the Waratah Brass. She left the grind of A-grade playing to encourage and prepare young brass players as they begin to compete.

In the late 1980s, she became interested in Finale, a music publishing software program. Since that time she has produced numerous conductors' scores from older music, done numerous transpositions, created parts from scores, and prepared composers' works for publication. Knopper's skill in and understanding of this process led to a teaching position at Avondale College, where she now teaches music technology as well as brass lessons.



Source: Information provided by Corinne Knopper and Robb Dennis, 2008.