Carl H. Ashlock

1935 -

Carl Ashlock, a talented singer, conductor, artist, and pastor has provided guidance and inspiration for many young people during the course of his career. In addition to working successfully as a dean of men on both the secondary and university level for several years, he has also been an effective pastor and teacher of art, religion, and music.

Ashlock graduated from Forest Lake Academy in Florida, in 1953. After completing a B.A. at Emmanuel Missionary College, now Andrews University, in 1961, he returned to FLA, where he served as dean of men and Bible teacher. Prior to this appointment he had served as youth pastor in the Grand Rapids and Detroit, Michigan, churches.

In 1965 Ashlock was invited to direct the choirs and teach voice at Adelphian Academy in Holly, Michigan. While he was at AA, his 81-member academy chorale and other choral ensembles made a recording in 1967 titled, Behold, He Cometh. While at AA, he started graduate work at Andrews University, completing an M.A. in 1970.

He accepted a position at Andrews University as assistant dean of men, and by the time he left in 1973 to accept a teaching position at FLA, he was dean of men. Three years later, in 1976, he accepted a position at Rio Lindo Academy in California, and in June of the following year was ordained as a minister.

In 1981, following a divorce, he moved to North Carolina, where he served as a pastor and married Glenda Weir. The Ashlocks subsequently worked at San Pasqual Academy in California and Hawaiian Mission Academy, before returning to North Carolina, where he served as a pastor until he retired in 2000. They now reside in the mountains of western North Carolina, near the Smokey Mountain National Park.

Even in retirement, Ashlock speaks often at family retreats, churches, and men's retreats. Earlier in his career, he developed an interest in putting together materials for "men's ministries" and, encouraged and supported by the family ministries department of the North American Division, has given a number of seminars, presentations, and training events throughout the country.


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