Blanche E. Hunter


Blanche Hunter taught piano at Washington Missionary College, now Washington Adventist University from 1922 to 1924. Her short tenure was typical of piano teachers at WMC in that era.

In February 1924, she was a featured soloist with the U.S. Army band in Washington, D.C., an appearance that captured the imagination of students and faculty alike. The school paper, the Sligonian, described it as "a huge success with the Washington public," continuing, "We were all proud of her when repeated applause brought her forward with leader Stannard, with whom she shared the honors. Miss Hunter has the honor of being the first pianist to play with a band accompaniment." Although the last assertion is open to challenge, it was a significant accomplishment for the college music program at that time.


Sources: Washington Missionary College school paper, The Sligonian, April 1924; Faculty listing from Hail Washington!, an unpublished history of the college, Theo G. Weis, 1944, 1946.