Benjamin Paul Pervier Zork

 1981 -

Benjamin Zork, principal and teacher at Grayling Seventh-day Adventist Elementary School in Traverse City, Michigan, previously held a similar position at the Charlotte SDA School in Kalamazoo, Michigan. He is also a composer, songwriter, and drummer and percussionist who has performed in and played for worship bands at numerous events in the United States and Europe.

Benjamin was born in Minnesota, the second of four children of Stephen Paul and Susan Marleen Pervier Zork. From his earliest years he and his siblings were surrounded by music, his father being a well-known choir director at the high school and collegiate level in the SDA school system and both parents being active and well-known professional singers. 

He completed a B.A. in elementary education at Andrews University in 2006 and is married to Miroslava (Mirka) Uebersax, a music therapist at a head-trauma clinic in Traverse City. He has been an active participant in the AU Music and Worship Conference, which was started by his brother, Nicholas, in 2004.  

Benjamin and his brother, Nicholas, collaborated with Aaron Beaumont and Evan Howe to produce an untitled album with a group called Fade.  Since then he has recorded two albums of sacred, mostly original music, produced with his students that have been used for fundraising and recruitment.


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