Arthur Wilson Rowe


1905 - 1960


Arthur Rowe, a clarinetist, was a band director at three academies and one college in the Seventh-day Adventist school system. He was born in South Fork, Pennsylvania, one of two sons of Arthur and Margaret (Maja) Belle Wilson Rowe.


Rowe attended the University of Southern California, where he was principal clarinetist in its band for three years.  He began teaching at Lynwood Academy in 1941.  While there he developed and led the School’s Medical Cadet Corps, a group of 100 men, the largest in Adventist academies in Southern California. In 1952 he accepted an invitation to direct the band at Union College.  Two months before the end of that schoolyear, he returned to the West to fill a suddenly vacated position at Golden Gate Academy.


He continued at GGA until 1954 when he accepted a position at the Pacific Union College Preparatory School, where he taught until 1957.  While there he taught the secondary music methods classes at the college.  He returned to Lynwood Academy where he directed the band until the time of his death.


Rowe was living in Glendale, California, when he died at age 54.


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