Ana Laura Chavez

1986 -

Ana Laura, a soprano, is a contemporary Christian music and pop singer who became active professionally in 2004. She has released two albums, Ana Laura, in 2006, and Feliz, in 2009, and contributed to a Christmas compilation CD titled Come Let Us Adore Him.

Ana Laura Chavez was born in Brownsville, Texas. Growing up in that culturally diverse city was a challenge, and in her earliest years, she was troubled by feelings of inferiority and limitations in terms of what she might do in life. When she realized and embraced the power residing in being a Christian, the possibilities her natural talent afforded, and the value of determination and hard work, her life and career blossomed.

Her mixed culture enables her to have a perspective that understands and appreciates the best and most sophisticated elements associated with American and Mexican popular and sacred music. Also, her love of classical and operatic music has shaped her goal of wanting to present both contemporary Christian and pop music with a little more "class."


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