Alvin Wordlaw

1955 -

Al Wordlaw, singer, songwriter, and producer, is owner of Wordlaw Publishing Company, LTD. in Chicago. A native of that city, Wordlaw began writing music at age fourteen. After graduating from Harlan High School, he studied at the U.S. School of Music where he earned a Certificate of Completion in music theory.

Largely self-taught, Wordlaw has released several gospel songs and is currently working on a twelve-song CD. One of his most popular songs, which he sings frequently in Seventh-day Adventist Churches, is "All Now." At the time of his baptism into the SDA church he wrote and sang "The Joy of His Love."  Other songs include “Last Chance,” “Knock Satan Out,” and “We’ll Last Forever.”

Wordlaw has published a book of spiritual poetry titled “Love Is Our Law.” He is a member of the Beverly Hills Seventh-day Adventist Church in Chicago, where he is broker/owner of Wordlaw Realty and serves in the city’s fire department.


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