Adrian Westney, Jr.

 Adrian Westney, a multi-talented musician, is an accomplished pianist, singer, and composer and arranger. Through his work as owner and president of Westney Productions, he provides a full array of music and services, including CD production and media support. He is noted for his composing and arranging, which incorporate both traditional and more contemporary idioms and resources.

Adrian was born in Jamaica, one of three children born to Lizette and Adrian Westney. His father was a pastor and his mother an accomplished pianist. From his earliest years he was surrounded by and drawn to music, often seated beside her at the piano.

After the family moved to the U.S. in 1960, he attended Pine Forge Academy, where he totally immersed himself in the music program, playing for and singing in the choir and other ensembles and gaining skill in arranging music for them. Other music experiences followed, including serving as Musical Director for the Breath of Life telecast, touring with a group of musicians who accompanied Jesse Jackson and presented music programs in Italy and at the Vatican, and working as a member with and director of the Breath of Life Quartet II.

Building on these learning and rewarding experiences, Westney established his own production company. Two of the CDs released under his company's label, AT Music, have received Angel Awards from Excellence in Media, a Hollywood-based organization that  is dedicated to the promotion of quality family oriented programming in all facets of communication.

In addition to composing and arranging music for numerous artists, including Ralph Carmichael, Del Delker, Walter Arties, Wintley Phipps, and others, he has also released four CDs featuring his artistry on the piano. Their titles reflect the breadth and contrasts found in his music: A Triumph of Grace, For the Quiet Soul, Leaning on the Everlasting Arms, and Reflections.


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